• Title: Newton
  • Artist: MONSTA X
  • Runtime: 4:09   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 7, 2017

The new track from Monsta X, is a bright song full of love and admiration. “Newton” is a shining song that pulls you closer with its lullaby-like melody and cheerful synth beats. With love-struck lyrics, and a fun music video full of friendship, “Newton” is Monsta X’s ode to the type of loves that you can’t help but gravitate towards.

Monsta X’s sweet song describes a love that redefines gravity. Like the scientist Newton, Monsta X found something that redefined their universe. Instead of an apple, Monsta X explains that they understand the stars and planets differently all thanks to love. The lyrics of “Newton” describes a love that shines like a star, a love that pulls you in like a meteorite. If you’ve ever loved someone who filled all your thoughts, who your life revolved around, you know the bright love “Newton” describes.

Whether it’s a deep romance, or the strong bond of friendship, love can make you stronger. In their new song, Monsta X sings about a love that changes their whole universe, but also makes them stronger. Whether it’s the deep romance described in the lyrics, or the strong bonds of friendship shown in the music video, “Newton” is a celebration of a love you’ll want to share.

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