• Title: Confront with Bare Nakedness (ムキダシで向き合って)
  • Artist: Morning Musume
  • Runtime: 4:05   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 4, 2016

Looking back to your love journey, have you experienced moments where you couldn't express your true feelings because of your pride? That might have created barriers between you and your loved ones, and left regrets for your life. In Morning Musume '16's new single "Confront with Bare Nakedness" (ムキダシで向き合って), the members of the group shared their opinions and recommendations on how to confront to love with the fast-paced beating rhythm.

The lyrics explained that when you feel the fever of love, you should leave all the feigned toughness and pride behind, and let your heart lead your mind to confront to the love with bare nakedness. Nothing should be in your way to your true love, regardless of your dark past or past mistakes.

In the music video, the members of Morning Musume '16 dressed uniformly with pink camouflage skirts, and presented the audience a neat and energetic group dance, on a stage background with simple skeletal structures. Echoes back to the song, the pink camouflage skirts imply the combination of innocent and wild characteristics of the girls, and the skeletal red structures symbolize a very straight-forward, naked attitude. While enjoying the sweet voice and hot dance, have you been motivated and prepared to confront to your true love with bare nakedness?

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