• Title: Don’t Bother Me, Here We Go! (邪魔しないで Here We Go!)
  • Artist: Morning Musume
  • Runtime: 4:48   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 10, 2017

Don’t Bother Me, Here We Go! by Morning Musume ’17 is the first track of their upcoming 64th single. The song discusses young girls’ newfound sense of freedom after ending a bad relationship that was not genuine, and how they progress from that.

The lyrics focus on the idea of the girls newly finding themselves as individuals who need to live for themselves, take care of themselves and manage their own lives outside of their former controlling and toxic relationship. In many ways, they discuss all the counterproductive aspects of the relationship such as lofty notions of the true meaning of love and the need for displays of affection like kisses that the girls have successfully discarded, and now need to find ways to progress beyond that as confident individuals in their lives.

Keeping in line with this theme of reflection, as the girls look back and process this past experience, the visuals literally use mirror reflections of the girls, and the image of them trying to reach into the mirror to hold onto their reflection to augment the lyrics. Through this, the visuals depict how the girls are trying to reconnect with their true selves are clearly reflected by the mirrors, not something distorted by the romantically-tinted perspective they had in the past that blinded them to the flaws of their relationship.

In the end, we too should remember that while relationships can be a positive addition to our lives, it can only do so if we are firmly established as confident individuals who can manage our past, present and future well, even when in such a relationship.

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