• Title: Green Light Of The Dreadnought (弩級のゴーサイン)
  • Artist: Morning Musume
  • Runtime: 3:50   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 30, 2017

Green Light Of The Dreadnought by Morning Musume ‘17 is the second track of their upcoming 64th single. The song discusses young girls’ response to heartbreak and needing to move on from their former relationship.

Interestingly, the song takes a very cheerful and even somewhat playful approach to this phase of a young person’s life; instead of speaking of loss or disappointment, it suggests a sense of excitement in the girls to go out there and find the next guy who might even be better than the ex-boyfriend they lost. All they are waiting for, is a Green Light from within, from their instinct that would drive them forward, just as traffic flows rapidly when the green light appears. Accordingly, the lyrics keep repeating “I’m gonna go! Go ahead!

On a visual level, the MV is filmed with bright lighting and has added visual effects like colored arrows, further adding to the sense of vibrancy of life beyond that one failed relationship from the past, and suggesting a sense of movement, progress and leaving the past behind, also aligning with the idea that the girls are progressing towards a better future with someone else.

Perhaps we too, need to learn to leave our past behind to progress, whether in our personal or professional lives. The new single, with two other tracks, Don’t Bother Me, Here We Go! and You’re Young Anyway! will be released on the 4th of October 2017.

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