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  • MR.MR
  • 6 members - Jin, Doyeon, Changjae, Tey, Sanghyun and Jaemin (all vocalists and dancers).
  • 3 other members, Hon, Ryu, and Jiwon, are no longer with the group.
  • MR.MR is a Korean group, but beginning in June 2015 they released their first Japanese single, titled "I-one-". In September 2015, they released their second Japanese single, "Big Man/She is so beautiful".
  • MR.MR debuted in October 2012. Jiwon joined the group in 2013, but due to an injury Hon later took his place. Hon eventually left MR.MR due to a scandal involving an old acquaintance, and Ryu left in 2015 and has since filed a lawsuit against the CEO of their agency. Aside from the publicity over Hon and Ryu, there has been additional controversy over the lyrics of MR.MR's single "MR.MR", some of which are said to be a diss toward SM Entertainment.
  • Genre: dance.
  • Record label: WinningIn Sight Music, TH E&M.
  • Albums: MR.MR has two mini-albums, both in Korean, titled "Waiting for You" and Out".
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"Just 1 Light" is Korean group MR.MR's newest Japanese single which released on February 9, 2016. Though the...
  • Albums
  • Just 1 Light
  • Album  ·  February 9, 2016
  1. Just 1 Light
  2. Tiger and Lion
  3. Just 1 Light - TMSK Remix-
  4. Just 1 Light -Instrumental-
  5. Tiger and Lion -Instrumental-
  6. Just 1 Light -TMSK Remix Instrumental-
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