• Bio
  • Namewee / Wee Meng Chee (黄明志)
  • Born in Malaysia, on May 6, 1983 (Taurus)
  • Malaysian Chinese singer, songwriter, rapper, filmmaker and actor
  • In 2007, Namewee gained popularity after releasing a controversial song, “Negaraku”, which was fused with national anthem of Malaysia
  • Previously an online singer, Namewee made his debut in Taiwan in 2015 with the album “Asian Killer” (亞洲通殺)
  • Record Label: Prodigee Media, The Dow Company - Taiwan (present)
  • Popular Songs: Thai Love Song (泰國情歌), Mother (老母), Cry Father (靠北), Love My Money (愛我的錢)
  • Albums: Asia Most Wanted (亞洲通緝), Asia Killer (亞洲通殺), I Wanna Go Home (我要回家),
  • Films: Petaling Street Warriors (大英雄 小男人), Nasi Lemak 2.0 (辣死你妈2.0), Kara King (冠軍歌王)
  • Videos
Included in Namewee's (黃明志) 2018 All Eat Asia (亞洲通吃) album, Rain in Ho Chi Minh (胡志明的雨) is the...
Dreams From My Father (爸爸的夢) is the latest music video to come out of Namewee’s (黃明志) new album All Eat...
Tokyo Bon Dance 2020, Namewee’s new single, is about the impression of ‘Japanglish’ on foreigners. Namewee...
"Floaters in Beijing" (北漂) is a very popular phrase nowadays. It refers to those who don't have Beijing...
Namewee's new song "Pretty Hurts" (美人罪) brought to us a moving love story set in the ancient Chinese...
  • Albums
  • All Eat Asia (亞洲通吃)
  • Album  ·  January 5, 2018
  1. Thai Cha Cha (泰國恰恰) ft. Bie The Ska
  2. Tokyo Bon Dance 2020 (東京盆踊り2020) ft. Meu Ninomiya
  3. Geebai People (擊敗人)
  4. Rain In Ho Chi Minh (胡志明的雨)
  5. High Pitched Together (一起飆高音) ft. Jess Lee
  6. Ali AhKao Dan Muthu ft. Dato' David Arumugam Aniq
  7. Dreams From My Father (爸爸的夢) ft. Wee Ann Hee
  8. Funny Action (搞笑快行動) ft. Jack Neo
  9. One & Only (唯一的唯一的唯一)
  10. Papapa (啪啪啪)
  • Cross Over Asia (亞洲通車)
  • Album  ·  January 6, 2017
  1. Chicken Year (雞拜年) - feat. Bao
  2. Stranger In The North (飄向北方) - feat. Leehom
  3. Pretty Hurts (美人罪) - feat. Lindsey Stirling
  4. Sorry Boss (不想上班) - feat. Xiao Yang
  5. Mother (老母) - feat. Namewee’s Mom
  6. Oh My God - feat. Nine One One
  7. Wake Up - feat. 5forty2 & Ashtaka
  8. I Miss U 2 - feat. Joyce Chu
  9. Little India - feat. Vinz' & Jeyaganesh & Kubhasheni
  10. Poor Love Song - feat. P-high
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