• Title: Dreams From My Father (爸爸的夢) ft. Wee Ann Hee
  • Artist: Namewee
  • Runtime: 5:49   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 24, 2018

Dreams From My Father (爸爸的夢) is the latest music video to come out of Namewee’s (黃明志) new album All Eat Asia (亞洲通吃). It was both composed and written by Namewee himself, and features the singing voice of his father Wee Ann Hee (黃安熙).

The song is an uplifting one that sends a message about the pursuit of dreams. It suggests that chasing after something that we are passionate about is often fraught with difficulties, but we should never give up when the going gets tough – the young should always seize the gift of youth and fight for what they love.

In the music video, as Namewee belts out to the song alongside his father, many visual cues give away the fact that it is his father’s dream to be a musician. From the many vintage vignettes of his father playing guitar and singing into a microphone, right down to the monologue that he gave at one of Name’s live concerts (“I would love to listen to the applause of 5,000 people.” he mentioned at one point), it is evident that this song is part of Namewee’s effort to fulfil his father’s aspiration. Also Namewee’s father serves as a role model for the older adult that they should realize age is just a number and it is never too late to rekindle their passions.

It is not just an act of filial piety on Namewee’s part. The rapper also wants to dare us to begin on our own pursuit of our passions by demonstrating to us that it does not matter how young or how old we are, dreams they do come true.

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