• Title: Rain In Ho Chi Minh (胡志明的雨)
  • Artist: Namewee
  • Runtime: 5:02   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: April 14, 2018

Included in Namewee's (黃明志) 2018 All Eat Asia (亞洲通吃) album, Rain in Ho Chi Minh (胡志明的雨) is the collaborate effort with Ho Quang Hieu (胡光孝), a vietnamese singer. This song is composed by Namewee and written by Namewee and Kai Dinh.

The lyrics of the song described a heart-breaking story taken place in Ho Chi Minh. In the story, the woman left the relationship unexpectedly, leaving the man blindly looking for her in the unfamiliar city in the rain. While the man was discouraged and hurt by the disappearance of the woman, he was also lost and thinking maybe it was the time to give up and call the end for his love.

Helen Thanh Dao (海倫清桃) from Vietnam made the special appearance in the music video, playing the woman who disappeared in the relationship. Ho Quang Hieu also appeared in the MV, with an umbrella in his hand, witnessing the whole story. Following the lyrics, the MV visualized the confusion and sadness of the man while he was searching for his lost love in the Ho Chi Minh city, with a bunch of blooming roses in his hands. Because this is a strange city to him, he did not have any clue or direction, but rather going through each street and hoping he could run into her. A rain poured down during the night, made the man completely wet, just like his cold and disappointing heart. He eventually threw away the roses and left, implying he gave up the search and the relationship.

Rain In Ho Chi Minh was Namewee's Vietnam stop in preparing his All Eat Asia album. Combining with Chinese and Vietnam language, the song definitely had a soul, in addition to its beautiful rhythm and easy to follow lyrics. When Namewee's powerful voice mixed with Ho Quang Hieu's, it created a strong sense of emotion that touched the audience's heart. The finishing rap was the highlight that strongly delivered the singer's sadness. Let's wait for Namewee's next stop and the surprise he will bring!

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