• Title: Strangers in the North (飄向北方) - feat. Leehom Wang
  • Artist: Namewee
  • Runtime: 5:11   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 19, 2017

"Floaters in Beijing" (北漂) is a very popular phrase nowadays. It refers to those who don't have Beijing residency but live and work in Beijing. "Strangers in the North" (飄向北方) is a song that vividly described these floaters' lives and emotions in this big city.

Included in "Crossover Asia" (亞洲通車), "Strangers in the North" is a joint effort of Namewee (黃明志) and Leehom Wang (王力宏). Although these two have completely different voice lines and singing styles, they formed a perfect combination of singing and rapping, and refreshed audiences' senses and minds.

The lyrics used plain language but magically touched everyone's heart. While the Great Wall can't imprison sadness and loneliness, these floaters have never stopped thinking of their hometowns and families. They came to Beijing for many reasons; some want to make money to pay off debt, some need opportunities to show their talents, and some just come to find work so that they can support their families. Regardless the reason drove them there, they have experienced bad living conditions and lost their belongingness.

The music video replayed a floater's life in Beijing on a regular day. Namewee played such a floater himself and wandered on the Beijing street with a big black mask and backpack. Under the topical dim and dusky sky, Namewee watched others living in their own lives with friends and families. They were all too busy to notice Namewee, making him feeling more lonely and isolated.

It is true that Beijing has more opportunities and resources for a better and wealthier life. However, is that worthy leaving your families behind and being there all by yourself? Your pocket may become full, but your mind would become empty. Regardless how many year you have spent there and how much wealth you have built, the place unconditionally accept you and make you warm will always be your home.

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