• Title: Tokyo Bon Dance 2020 (東京盆踊り2020) ft. Meu Ninomiya
  • Artist: Namewee
  • Runtime: 4:59   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 2, 2017

Tokyo Bon Dance 2020, Namewee’s new single, is about the impression of ‘Japanglish’ on foreigners. Namewee collaborated with the largest web media between Japan and Asia, Cool Japan TV for this song, and award winning actress Meu Ninomiya (二宮芽生) is also featured. Following Japan’s globalization in the last century, a multitude of words are adopted directly from other languages, mainly English, to the Japanese vernacular. Namewee expresses the confusion of non Japanese speaking people with these words, but concludes that Japanese people are always eager to offer help when needed.

The lyrics mention a large amount of such ‘Japanglish’ words, including Makudonarudo (McDonald’s), Guguru (Google), Toiretto (toilet), and Hoteru (hotel). While the Japanese, including an old lady and a high school girl acted by Meu Ninomiya, attempt to teach these words to the protagonist, a foreign tourist, he seems to only know of names of Japanese companies (Toyota, Nintendo, Canon etc), popular culture (Doraemon, Aoi Sora) and food (Ramen, Tempura).

In the music video, accompanying the scenes of the girls teaching the protagonist Japanese words, are those of the girls dancing in a traditional Japanese style, the Bon Dance. Elements such as the KImono and Sumo players are also incorporated to reinforce the focus on how foreigners view traditional Japanese culture. In the end, everyone dances around a Sumo rink in the Bon Dance style, signalizing the state of peace they have achieved despite of the language barries.

The artist hopes to make this song the official song for the Tokyo Olympic in 2020. Whether his intentions were real or he was vjust joking but the humorous lyrics and video matched seamlessly. Let’s support this music video to spread love and peace around the world!

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