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  • Nan Quan Mama (南拳媽媽)
  • A Taiwanese music group
  • The name is a phrase in Chinese to explain having strength while being gentle as a mother
  • They are closely tied with Jay Zhou
  • Members: Devon Song(宋健彰), Sing Hom (洪言翔), Vera Yan (嚴正嵐) and Jaffri Cao (曹景豪)
  • Record Label: Alfa Music
  • Popular Songs: "Crystal Dragonfly", "What Can I Do"
  • Awards: "Best Mandarin Song" and "Best Mandarin Group" at Metro Radio Hits Music Awards
  • Albums: "Meal No.2 (2號餐)", "Color Palette! (調色盤)" and "Treasure Map (藏寶圖)"
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Released in the album All New Attack, “Sunshine In Your Heart” (心中的太陽) is the second hit song that Nan...
Released in the album All New Attack, Nan Quan Mama Is Back is a song which symbolizes Nan Quan Mama’s comeback after...
  • Albums
  • All New Attack (拳新出擊)
  • Album  ·  May 16, 2016
  1. Nan Quan Mama Is Back (東山再起)
  2. Sunshine In Your Heart (心中的太阳)
  3. One Universe (一個宇宙)
  4. Voyaging Around The World (環繞世界一週)
  5. Lonely love (孤單遊戲)
  6. I'm Not Your Best Friend (誰是你的好朋友)
  7. Survivor (逆襲)
  8. OH YEAH
  9. Love Is Like Jetlag (時差)
  10. Beautiful Girl (最美的女孩)
  11. Before The Dawn (愛妳一夜)
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