• Title: BOSS
  • Artist: NCT
  • Runtime: 3:34   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 24, 2018

NCT U kick starts the “NCT 2018” project by showing us who’s the “BOSS” in their latest music video.

The lyrics explain how NCT U would take the lead just as long as you’re willing to take the chance and put your trust in them. They already know you’ll choose them in the end, but they’re waiting till you make the outright decision. They need you, you want them and there is undeniable attraction. They’re ready to charge onto whatever road you choose, and ready to make the world bend to meet your demands. If you follow their steps, you’re sure to find the place where you belong, the place where you’re perfect the way you are. They’re the boss, they’re the ultimate players who’ll take on anything for you.

NCT U’s powerful dance choreography shows the audience they’re the ones in charge. The captivating rap and vocals are perfect match to the song’s beat, sure to make listeners bob their head along. If you’re looking for some swag, be sure to watch the music video for “BOSS” and enjoy NCT U’s fantastic performance.

Watch NCT U - BOSS - Dance Practice
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