• Title: Cherry Bomb
  • Artist: NCT
  • Runtime: 4:29   Language: Korean
  • Date: June 25, 2017

NCT 127 has given us the gift of two mini-albums in one year. Cherry Bomb is the title track from their second mini-album of 2017, the Cherry Bomb EP. With lyrics by the group’s Taeyong and Mark, along with Deepflow, Lim Jung-Hyo and Oh Min-joo, and composition by a great team that included Dwayne Abernathy Jr. and Jennifer Decilveo, Cherry Bomb is a catchy tune that will easily get stuck in your head.

Cherry Bomb is an invitation to party. The lyrics are a celebration of confidence and flair. NCT 127 is fabulous – and they’re very much aware of it. They don’t want to lose themselves in the busy chatter of the world, so they’ll take the chance to burn as bright as they can with what they have. And the best part? Their song is inviting us to join them in having fun and burning brightly too.

In the music video, the boys show off their dancing skills with coordinated choreography. Animations decorate the video, with cartoonish cherries splattering as they have fun riding motorcycles. Towards the end, a helicopter is seen dropping large cherries from the sky.

Cherry Bomb is one of seven songs on NCT 127’s new mini-album. Be sure to listen to them, and also check out their dance practice videos to add a few of their moves to your dance routine.

Watch NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb - Dance Practice Video
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