• Title: Limitless (무한적아)
  • Artist: NCT
  • Runtime: 4:15   Language: Korean
  • Date: January 15, 2017

Ramp up your weekend with the song ‘Limitless’ by South Korean boy band NCT127. This song is part of their second mini album that was recently released and is also part of their comeback with the addition of two members, Johnny and Doyoung.

Limitless’ is addictive with hip hop and R & B vibes. In the video, ample time is given to each member of the group and you can see the different personalities of each member as there are snippets of them goofing around. The song also showcases different vocal talents with their soulful pipes coupled with unique rap and vocal styles.

The song talks about really wanting to be with someone and realizing that the person has changed their thoughts and opened up their mind. The need to want to be with the person is obvious especially since it’s mentioned multiple times in the lyrics ‘thirsty for love’ and ‘I need a connection, I want it like crazy, I need you.’ NCT 127 conveys these emotions through their explosive dance moves which are impressive and yet intriguing to watch at the same time.

Beside this rough version video, you can watch the performance version video to see more of NCT 127’s dance moves as they really take it up a notch. Put NCT 127 on your radar as this South Korean boy band is definitely going to grow in popularity.

Watch NCT127 - Limitless - Performance Ver.
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