• Title: The 7th Sense (일곱 번째 감각)
  • Artist: NCT
  • Runtime: 3:38   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 17, 2016

"The 7th Sense," a single by NCT U released on April 9, 2016, composed by a team of six, including Timothy Bullock, Tay Jasper, Adrian MacKinnon, Sara Forsberg, Michael Jiminez, and Levin Kali, is a hip-hop inspired pop tune with very emotional and dark lyrics. The song was sung by Doyoung, Ten, Mark, Taeyoung, and Jaehyun.

The lyrics start with the singer lying in bed not wanting to deal with a cold world. He has nightmares when he sleeps and his waking moments do not seem that much better. It seems that his seventh sense is activated as he learns to be awake in a metaphorical sense, perhaps released from his depression. He is continually prompted to open his eyes and at the end he realizes he's not alone. The music video is suitably dreamlike as five NCT U members are cast in eerie hues and dance beautifully in an energetic and fanciful way.

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