• Bio
  • Nick Chou / Zhou Tanghao (周湯豪)
  • Nickname: NickTheReal
  • Born in Taiwan, on August 2, 1988 (Leo)
  • Taiwanese singer, actor, rapper, dancer and songwriter
  • Son of famous Taiwanese actors Billie and Chou Yu Hou
  • Debuted in 2009 where he was featured in Jolin Tsai’s music video “Real Man” which garnered him attention from the media
  • Was once invited to sign a contract with Korea’s S.M Entertainment but rejected the invitation
  • Record Label: Sun Entertainment Culture Limited
  • Albums: Nick Chou, S.N.G
  • Popular Songs: This Is Your Song, Heartache, One Out Of A Million, S.N.G
  • Awards: Metro Mandarin Idol at Metro Mandarin Awards and Potential Singer-Songwriter Gold Award at HITO Pop Music Awards
  • Drama: I Love You So Much (粉愛粉愛你) and Love Recipe (真愛配方)
  • Videos
Giving up is easy because it only takes a second. Conversely, keeping up and not letting go is hard, because it may take a life...
With the album REAL, Nick Chou is back with a new image. The MV for TURN UP was recently released. This song was written,...
In a relationship, the woman is not always the victim. After 4 years, Nick Chou is finally back with a new album...
  • Albums
  • Let Me Be The Light (不放)
  • Single  ·  July 5, 2017
  • REAL
  • Album  ·  October 15, 2016
  1. Be My Lady (你是我的菜)
  2. Be Mine
  3. I Say Baby
  4. My Boo
  5. Xu Yao Ni De Mei (需要你的美)
  6. Shuai Dao Fen Shou (帥到分手)
  7. Jiao Tou (角頭)
  8. Turn Up
  9. Get on My Level
  10. Can’t Hold Us Back (feat. Bassjackers)
  11. Sorry Not Sorry (feat. Nicky Romero)
  12. Ni Shi Wo De Cai (Remix)
  13. Jiao Tou (Remix)
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