• Title: Shuai Dao Fen Shou (帥到分手)
  • Artist: Nick Chou
  • Runtime: 3:48   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: October 16, 2016

In a relationship, the woman is not always the victim. After 4 years, Nick Chou is finally back with a new album “REAL” featuring the rock song “Shuai Dao Fen Shou” (帥到分手), which talks about a man’s lover leaving him for money.

The song lyrics, written by Nick and Luke Tsui (崔惟楷), tells the story of a man giving his all to his girlfriend, but ending up being a victim of love, as she suddenly asks for a breakup. As he realizes his girlfriend left him because he was not rich enough, he decides to let her go to pursue what she wants.

Nick, being a new rising singer-songwriter, also composed this song, which features a slow rock style that expresses the man’s pain yet “I don’t really care” attitude towards the relationship. In the MV, he is also seen to be playing with a rock band in a high-rise building, singing his heart out.

The song, “Shuai Dao Fen Shou”, is also the opening song of the Taiwanese drama “Swimming Battle” (飛魚高校生).

Watch Swimming Battle - Opening Song - Shuai Dao Fen Shou
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