• Bio
  • Niko Sun (孫子涵 Sun Zi Han)
  • Born in Taiwan on June 11, 1992 (Gemini)
  • Taiwanese mandopop songwriter-singer
  • Debuted in June 20, 2011 by releasing his first single “Wo Bu Shi Mei Lian De Nan Hai” (我不是沒臉的男孩)
  • Record Label: Beijing Simply Joy Cultural Development
  • Albums: The annual summer (一年一度的夏天), Micro youth accessories (微青春的附件)
  • Popular Songs: Sad Memory, Hard To Forget You, What Are You Hesitating
  • Awards: New Artist of the Year at QQ Music Awards and Most Popular New Artist in China at Asia Music Chart
  • TV Drama: STB SuperTeacher (STB超級教師) - Friendly Guest
  • Videos
First love - the most beautiful, yet the most painful memory. Niko Sun (孫子涵) released song “First Sight”...
  • Albums
  • Geminiko (雙子涵)
  • Album  ·  November 10, 2016
  1. First Sight (最美不過初相見)
  2. Impulsion (一刀未剪)
  3. What Are You Hesitating (你在糾結什麼)
  4. Like A Fool (傻傻等)
  5. Be My Girl (被)
  6. Just Dance (跳到太陽升起來)
  7. Nobody Has Duty To Be Nice To Anyone (誰對誰的好都不是應該的)
  8. Captivated (棒棒棒)
  9. Sad Memory (回憶那麼傷)
  10. Grey (灰色)
  11. Hard To Forget You (總是那麼傻)
  12. Grow Old (晃著晃著就老了)
  13. In This Loney World I Met You (這孤獨世界幸好有你)
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