• Title: First Sight (最美不過初相見)
  • Artist: Niko Sun
  • Runtime: 5:00   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 20, 2016

First love - the most beautiful, yet the most painful memory. Niko Sun (孫子涵) released song “First Sight” (最美不過初相見) in his new album “Geminiko” (雙子涵) which talks about a couple’s journey together as each other’s first love.

The song, written and composed by Niko himself, narrates a story of a person reminiscing his first love, where he can never forget all the good memories of his first girlfriend. However, as they were young and immature, their hearts changed along the way and the relationship ended painfully. But to him, those were the best memories because it was his first love and it was the only time he gave his all in a relationship.

The lyrics are expressed in the MV, where Niko acted as the man in the story. The man got together with his girlfriend during school days, and they eventually got married. But he then met another girl, and his wife found out and left him. Thinking back, the best memory to him was when he first proposed to her.

The song, “First Sight”, was rearranged and rewritten from the theme song “Dive In” (這一刻,愛吧) by Fu Xin Bo, which Niko had written for a series of Cornetto China’s micro films 4 years ago.

Watch Niko Sun - First Sight - Live Performance
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