• Bio
  • Nine Chen (陳零九)
  • Original Name: Zhihao Chen (陳志豪)
  • Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China on 9 April, 1987(Aries)
  • Entered the music scene through online community in 2009
  • Released his first album in 2010
  • Record Label: Rock Records Co., Ltd.
  • Popular Song: "One Sided Love (已讀不回)"
  • Albums: "I Am Just Afraid (我只是害怕)", "One Sided Love (已讀不回)"
  • Videos
Both written and performed by Nine Chen (陳零九), Secret (禾必) is a R&B-meets-rock ballad from his album I Am I Can...
People's biggest enemies to success are themselves, because most people are afraid to challenge their own weaknesses. In...
Composed by Nine Chen (陳零九) and written by both Nine Chen and Puff Kuo (郭雪芙), So What Now (阿不然現在怎樣)...
The song "You Him Me" is from the album Nine. It is also the interlude of a drama called "Back to 1989"...
  • Albums
  • 敢不敢 (I Am I Can)
  • Album  ·  October 6, 2017
  1. I Am I Can (敢不敢)
  2. Loser (廢物)
  3. So Now What (阿不然現在是怎樣) feat. Puff Kuo
  4. Disappeared (不見了)
  5. The Lost Name (你的名字)
  6. Past Story (已故事)
  7. Legend (傳說)
  8. Power Clerk (心動店員)
  9. Secret (禾必)
  10. The Last Love Song (最後一首情歌)
  11. Stray Don't Cry (浪浪別哭)
  • So What Before the Tempting Heartbeat (心動前夕的現在是怎樣)
  • Single  ·  September 4, 2017
  • Nine
  • Album  ·  April 22, 2016
  1. Jin Wan Zhi Shi You Xie Hua - Ai Ren Bu Hui Ban (今晚只是有些話 - 愛人不回版)
  2. Wo Zhen De Bu Xiang Gen Ni Chao Jiao (我真的不想和你吵架)
  3. You Him Me (你他我)
  4. Liu Lang (流浪)
  5. 27
  6. Ai Ni Ai Dao Bian Cheng Yi Shou Ge (愛你愛到變成一首歌)
  7. Good Morning Wo De Xiang Chou (Good Morning 我的鄉愁)
  8. Wo Ceng Qin Ai De (我曾親愛的)
  9. Man Man Chang Ye (漫漫長夜)
  10. Soy Milk (豆漿)
  11. Jin Wan Zhi Shi You Xie Hua - Dan Sheng Yi Du Ban (今晚只是有些話 - 單身已讀版)
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