• Title: I Am I Can (敢不敢)
  • Artist: Nine Chen
  • Runtime: 4:30   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 27, 2017

People's biggest enemies to success are themselves, because most people are afraid to challenge their own weaknesses. In Nine Chen's (陳零九) I Am I Can (敢不敢), he encouraged people to find the original intention for life and believe in themselves.

Composed and written by Nine Chen, I Am I Can is the leading track for Nine's newest album with the same name. The song mixed rock styles with RAP, and used different paces and rhythms to reflect the singer’s changes in thought processes and feelings at various stages. The lyrics started with Nine's down moments in which he felt lost, confused, and discouraged by life barriers. Fortunately, Nine soon realized that although other people and external factors may stop him from achieving his goals, he needed to put his hands up and head towards his dreams. The ending maybe unpredictable, but at least it will not leave regrets later.

The music video was shot in the desert near Los Angeles for the most part, using the critical weather conditions in the desert to symbolize the barriers Nine encountered in his life. The story started with Nine's monologue in Taipei, where he was discouraged and felt down for his work. This led to his adventure in the desert, with his back pack and faith to overcome the difficulties and regain his belief. The journal took place in several phases, from Nine realizing what he truly wanted, to starting the journal for adventure, then to feeling confused, finding his way out, and finally arriving at the destination. Using his own experience, Nine encouraged his audience to bravely face the world and unknown future, and to continue with the life path to success.

Life always comes across with unfavorable situations that can be discouraging and disappointing. If you give up and hide yourself, you may live in the dark for the rest of your life. On the other hand, if you put your hands up and face the difficulties as suggested in Nine's I Am I Can, you can show the world how brave and successful you can be.

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