• Title: So Now What (阿不然現在是怎樣) feat. Puff Kuo
  • Artist: Nine Chen
  • Runtime: 3:18   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 30, 2017

Composed by Nine Chen (陳零九) and written by both Nine Chen and Puff Kuo (郭雪芙), So What Now (阿不然現在怎樣) is a divine tune for young couples who are always fighting. Included in Nine Chen's newest single So What Now Before the Tempting Heartbeat (心動前夕的現在是怎樣), So What Now is another reflective of Nine's incredible talent in music creation.

The lyrics are very conversational, using dialogues often occur between couples. Singing along, you may find these conversations are representative fighting topics, from how to drive, to living habits, to other tiny things. So what now? Keep on fighting or talk it out? While they both have complaints to make, it is their way to fight, talk, and keep the relationship going.

The music video was based the 80's athletic theme, and used various matches to symbolize the arguments between the couple. Nine and Puff acted as the troubled couple who were always fighting like being in competitions. Playing games, boxing, shooting darts, or arm wrestling, no matter what they do, they must try their best to be the winner. However, these fights are not hurting their relationships. Instead, the music video emphasized their relationship is still sweet by using the pink background behind these fights. Even though the song appears to be confrontational, the music video has done a great job delivering a youthful and relaxed relationship between the couple.

Fighting is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for young couples. It can take the tension away and improve the communication. When each yell out those have been bothering him or her, the relationship can become transparent thus more cohesive. So if you were depressed by tiny things happening between you and your lover, why not give this way a try? You may be surprised that a small fight sometimes does more good than bad, and can make you happier.

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