• Bio
  • Nine One One (玖壹壹 Jiu YiYi)
  • 3 members – Chun Feng (春風), Yang Cong (洋蔥), Ken-G (健志 )
  • Officially debuted from Taichung as a Taiwanese band on September 11, 2009
  • Band name was derived from their debut date
  • Popular songs: “Xi Ha Zhuang Jiao Qing”, “9453”, “Wo De Lu”, “Chi Qing De Nan Zi Han”, “Foreigner”, “Xia Bei Zi”
  • Record Label: Ainoko Productions
  • Videos
Brotherhood thicker than blood. It may be an irony, but the strongest brotherhood can perhaps be found in secret societies that...
What do you do when you are left alone? How does it feel when your love depart from you? Nine One One's new released song...
[Warning: Explicit] “Xi Ha Zhuang Jiao Qing” is one of Nine One One’s most popular songs that you definitely...
  • Albums
  • Faru Chou (周法薷)
  • Album  ·  May 26, 2017
  1. Party Man (派對俠)
  2. California (加樂福尼亞)
  3. Why (為什麼)
  4. LIHO (LIHO哩厚)
  5. It's My Fault (都是我的錯)
  6. Big Divinity (大顯神威)
  7. Dark Society (黑暗的社會)
  8. Fine Without You (沒你我沒差)
  9. I Am The Champion (我是冠軍)
  10. 8+9
  • 9453
  • Album  ·  December 7, 2015
  1. 9453
  2. Xi Ha Zhuang Jiao Qing (feat. LuLu) (嘻哈庄腳情 (feat. LuLu))
  3. Wo De Lu (我的路)
  4. Come Back To Me (回來我身邊)
  5. Lai Qu Pa Ti (feat. Namewee) (來去趴踢 (feat. 黃明志))
  6. Xia Bei Zi (下輩子)
  7. Jia Gei Wo Ba (嫁給我吧)
  8. Zai Hui Zhong Gang Lu – Remix (再會中港路)
  9. Ming Tian Zai Ge Lai (明天再擱來)
  10. 9453 – Remix – Bounce on Decks
  11. Ha Zhuang Jiao Qing (feat. LuLu) - Remix (嘻哈庄腳情 (feat. LuLu) - Remix)
  12. Jiao Tou (feat. Nick Chou) (角頭 (feat. 周湯豪))