• Title: Dark Society (黑暗的社會)
  • Artist: Nine One One
  • Runtime: 3:56   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 4, 2017

Brotherhood thicker than blood. It may be an irony, but the strongest brotherhood can perhaps be found in secret societies that are always out to commit any imaginable misdeed for money.

In the song “Dark Society” (黑暗的社會) featuring Jeffery Huang (黃立成), Nine One One tells us what it means to be loyal to your brothers. The lyrics are written by Nine One One and Taiwanese singer-songwriter Luke Tsui (崔惟楷), which talk about the story of a man entering a secret society, pledging his absolute loyalty to all members of the group, affectionately calling them his “brothers”. The man then turns himself into a badass and involves himself all sorts of fierce fights, gun fights, and slashings, because only by committing crimes can they sustain the livelihood of all his brothers. He is even willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of the group and brothers. The song is also sang in both Mandarin and a Taiwanese dialect, which makes the story more believable as it is one of the characteristics of secret society members in Taiwan.

The song is recorded in the album “Faru Chou” (周法薷). Hence, the music video is filmed with movie-like cinematics, such as having credits displayed at the start of the video and having a screening poster for the video. The video, starred by Nine One One and Jeffery Huang, featured lots of fighting scenes that shows the dealings of a typical secret society. Composed by Nine One One and Taiwanese singer Jeffery Huang, the fast rhythmic and hip-hop style of the song, has helped to express what’s on their mind using rap and beats.

Some people might think members of secret society are crooks, but they might never know they are an icon of loyalty and brotherhood, which might be absent in many of us, who are living a “clean” life.

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