• Title: Masaka Singapore (まさかシンガポール)
  • Artist: NMB48
  • Runtime: 5:29   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 23, 2017

NMB48 released their MV for lead song "Masaka Singapore" (まさかシンガポール) from their album Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto~ (難波愛~今、思うこと~) on August 2, 2017, just in time for summer!

In the MV, a Golden Microphone is yet to be found by the members of the group as they scurry their way in the beautiful country of Singapore. It has been portrayed well to listeners that this golden microphone is the heart of the group.

Also in the MV, the girls, wearing vibrant colored swimsuits, start their pursuit of the Golden Microphone in beach of Sentosa Island of Singapore. It is where they start to track where the Golden Microphone could be. Beach isn't the only place where they look: Marina Bay, Chinatown and the National Gallery are places with great potential too.

The song title "Masaka Singapore" 「まさかシンガポール」roughly translates as "No way, this is Singapore!", since the girls have been trying to find a very important object, they unexpectedly ended up in Singapore.

The lyrics describe Singapore as a beautiful country with blue skies and the girls want to stay in the country because the places they visit made them happy although that happiness is short lived. Wanting to stay a bit more, the girls have to keep on moving by not staying in one place even if they already have a liking for that place. They are singers and performers, and they perform everyday which means they are always on the move.

The MV ends as one member of the group, Miru Shiroma (白間美瑠), catches the Golden Microphone, depicting that the “relay race baton” has been passed on to her by the group’s captain, Yamamoto Sayaka (山本彩), and is now the center of the group this time of the year.

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