• Title: Warota People (ワロタピーポー)
  • Artist: NMB48
  • Runtime: 4:29   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 10, 2017

NMB48’s 17th single ‘Warota People’ (I laughed pipo) will be coming out on the 27th of December. The bouncy rhythm coupled with seemingly anti-social lyrics convey a sense of disagreement with social norms, detailing the confusion of people in a society that values conformity.

The lyrics start with talking about how the world is a hard place to live in because of the importance to conform to other people and to not stand out. This in turn encourages people to turn a blind eye on issues and pretend to have nothing to do with them, trying not to make a scene. People would also look coldly at other people in trouble and put on a passive aggressive attitude. They escape from doing things that make them stand out, and as a result discard love, dreams and friends. This way of living indeed gets rid of insecurities from being different from other people, but it also makes people cast doubt on the purpose of their lives.

The music video features the members of the group dancing on a stage with a large audience around them. The streams of the letter ‘w’ that appears on the screen represents the Japanese word for laugh or smile, ‘warau’, starts with ‘w’, and they use this letter to express their amusement. The colorful vibe of the dancing girls and their attitude toward life form a stark contrast, rendering the word ‘laugh’ that appears numerous times in the song seem lifeless and vain.

This song accurately captures an issue in the mentality of society nowadays, and with sarcasm, teaches us a way to deal with it.

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