• Title: Yokubomono (欲望者)
  • Artist: NMB48
  • Runtime: 5:12   Language: Japanese
  • Date: April 14, 2018

NMB48’s 18th single, Yokubomono (Desirer) is included in an album of the same name. As stated in the title, the song talks about a strong desire associated with love, and praises how the ferocity of such emotion constitutes for the meaning of life.

The lyrics start with a rhetorical question, asking how long the facade of calm indifference can be maintained by comparing it to holding one’s breath. Instead of putting away all our emotions and trying to stay rational, the lyrics suggest that we become more honest to ourselves and act according to what our heart says.

The music video is staged with strong visuals and choreography, including a girl with dirt all over her face and a group of girls moving in a mechanical way as if they are impersonating robots. While this represents the rational side of the girls, it also mocks the unnatural appearance of humans adopting this way of being, suggesting that with too much rationality we can never really be human and experience a wide range of emotions. The special effects added in the video, including colored filters, text, and the superimposition of footage also reinforce this message.

The song teaches us that to lead a more fulfilled life, we need to rid ourselves of the influences of social norms on our ways of thinking and strive to be true to ourselves.

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