• Bio
  • NU'EST (New Established Style Tempo)
  • 5 current members: JR (leader, main rapper), Aron ( lead rapper), Ren (vocals), Baekho (main vocals), Minyhun (lead vocals) - Inactive
  • Mandarin Group: NU'EST-M, additional member: Jason
  • Debuted on March 15, 2012 with their first single, Face. They returned with their first mini album, Action, four months later.
  • Started sub-group NU'EST W without Minyhun
  • Genre: K-pop, Dance-pop, Electropop
  • Record Label: Pledis Entertainment
  • Popular songs: "Face", "Action", "Hello", "Sleeptalking", "Goodbye bye"
  • Albums: "Re: Birth", "Bridge The World"
  • Awards: Arirang's Simply K-pop Awards (Super Rookie Idol), International K-Music Awards (Best EU Performance), Migu Music Awards (Best Talented Group)
  • Videos
How does it feel like to be trapped in an endless search for the one you love? NU'EST W tells us how in “Where You...
NU'EST came out with a well visually-made music video for the new song, Love Paint (Every Afternoon), featured from their...
After a long break, NU’EST came back with a new dark fantastical look for their fourth mini album, Q is, which released...
  • Albums
  • W, Here
  • Album  ·  October 11, 2017
  1. My Beautiful(하루만)
  2. Where You At
  3. Paradise (Ren Solo)
  4. Good Love (Aron Solo)
  5. With (Jr Solo)
  6. Thanksful For You (Baekho Solo)
  • Canvas
  • Album  ·  August 29, 2016
  1. Daybreak (Minhyun & JR)
  2. R.L.T.L (Real Love True Love) [One Morning]
  3. Love Paint (Every Afternoon)
  4. Thank You (Evening By Evening)
  5. Look (A Starlight Night)
  • Q is
  • Album  ·  February 17, 2016
  1. Heaven (나의 천국)
  2. Overcome (여왕의 기사)
  3. In fact Malya (사실 말야)
  4. Bickering (티격태격)
  5. ONEKIS2
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