• Title: Coloring Book (컬러링북)
  • Artist: Oh My Girl
  • Runtime: 3:06   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 9, 2017

True to their signature musical style, Oh My Girl has released another cheerful, lighthearted song, Coloring Book. With lyrics by So Jung-ah, and composition by David Anthony, Valeria Del Prete and 72, Coloring Book will undeniably set you in happy mode.

Oh My Girl sings about the way having a crush can make the world suddenly seem brighter and more colorful. The lyrics describe the feeling of being in a fairytale, with fireworks and flower petals. Every time they see their crush, they fall a little more in love. They want to be taken away to the sky and sea because this person is beautifully coloring their world, making it perfect.

The music video begins in a room floating in a pale sky, amongst clouds. Inside, the girls are dressed in plain white ensembles while cooking in a white kitchen. Everything is devoid of color – even the foods and utensils they use. When an egg innocently rolls off the table and falls to the floor, it breaks open releasing bright colors. Seeing this, the girls are surprised. The other food ingredients begin to spill, splashing colors everywhere. When they step outside the window, the sky has become a brighter blue, and a vibrant island has appeared below. Like they’re singing in the lyrics, their world has turned into a magical, rainbow fairytale.

Coloring Book is the title track from Oh My Girl’s new EP with the same name. For more cute tunes that will add some sunshine to your day, head over and listen to the rest of the EP.

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