• Title: Ryusei Dance Floor (流星ダンスフロア)
  • Artist: ORESAMA
  • Runtime: 4:23   Language: Japanese
  • Date: November 5, 2017

Used as the theme song for a Japanese TV anime series, Magic Circle Guru Guru (魔法陣グルグ), the ORESAMA group delivered its 80’s style Ryesei Dance Floor (流星ダンスフロア) with the Disco-Electro-Funk elements, which perfectly demonstrated the uniqueness of the group in the music world.

Written by Pon (ぽん), the lyrics narrated a long-waiting date in the beautiful fairytale-like sky in the night. While the moon is accompanied with shooting stars, the boy and girl danced in the shiny blue dark sky. Life has started its new page when two hearts get close.

The music video filmed ORESAMA's stage performance, with scenes that are anime feel as the background. ORESAMA's shiny and cute hair style together with the energized voice and dancing beats fit perfectly into the anime science, making the audience fall into the rhyme and the story behind the lyrics. While relationship grew between Nike and Kukuri (characters in the anime series), ORESAMA also fall in to the fairy background, where the pink and romantic dreams become true. Riding in a classic car with the dream-hero in the city under the moon, or floating in the universe like the astronaut, ORESAMA experienced the childhood dreams with the help of the magic circle.

Just like the Disco time magic will never die, those small wishes in children’s heart will always embed deeply in them regardless how old they become. People all need magic circles for themselves, so they can go back to the childhood and fulfill their dreams at any time.

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