• Title: Trip Trip Trip
  • Artist: ORESAMA
  • Runtime: 4:24   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 7, 2017

ORESAMA releases their 4th single “Trip Trip Trip” and it is also the opening theme song for the TV anime series “Magical Circle Guru Guru”. The song lyrics are about venturing to the world full of the unknown, although men have discovered so many things in the world, we have yet to discover more. The world is still being full of the unknown and the lyrics perhaps would make our minds have the image of scary monsters, aliens and just entities that are not like ours. This is clearly portrayed in the MV, where the duo walks and reaches different places from the city to the subway and fighting monsters along the way.

Not only do the lyrics talk about the unknown but it also plays with the listeners imagination by making them wonder what happens when they slowly open a door to a place where they are not familiar with. Just like magic, the lyrics remind you to go out and explore for no one knows if you will meet your crush, the love of your life or basically just discover something new in the world. Aside from the lyrics, the MV shares a theme with the anime “Magical Circle Guru Guru” where dragons, talking cats and magic are involved.

ORESAMA will have their live performances on : August 12, 2017 at Lithiani ! PARK (リスアニ!PARK),Tokyo, Japan and their One Man Live performance on October 21, 2017 at Tsutaya O-West, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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