• Bio
  • Pakho Chau (周柏豪)
  • Born on November 12, 1984 in Hong Kong (Scorpio)
  • Hong Kong cantopop singer, songwriter; actor; model
  • Entered the Hong Kong musical industry with his debut EP Beginning in 2007.
  • His debut single, Same Sky (同天空), gained airplay in Hong Kong and instantly became a hit song.
  • Record Label: Warner Music
  • Popular Songs: Six Days (六天); Nothing Done (一事無成); A Hundred Years (百年不合); Impossible (不可能)
  • Albums: Roundabout; White; Keep Going; Super Power (異能)
  • Films: 77 Heartbreaks; Good Take!; Delusion; My Wife Is A Superstar; Big Fortune Hotel
  • Television: A Time of Love 2; ICAC Investigators 2009 (廉政行動 2009)
  • Awards: Sixth place award for "Prince and the Pauper" on the Commercial Radio Hong Kong Ultimate Ten Song Chart; "Hong Kong's Most Promising Male Newcomer" in Gold Song Kings; "RoadShow Best New Male Singer" in the RoadShow Music Awards.
  • Videos
Composed by Kenix Cheang (章霈迎), Pakho Chau's (周柏豪) newest single "Closer" (近在千里) continued...
If there is only one day left in your life, what would you do? In Pakho Chau's (周柏豪) new single "One Day"...
  • Albums
  • Closer (近在千里) - feat. Janice Vidal
  • Single  ·  February 20, 2017
  • One Day (有生一天)
  • Single  ·  January 2, 2017
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