• Title: Closer (近在千里) - feat. Janice Vidal
  • Artist: Pakho Chau
  • Runtime: 4:56   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: March 5, 2017

Composed by Kenix Cheang (章霈迎), Pakho Chau's (周柏豪) newest single "Closer" (近在千里) continued the storyline of his last single "One Day" (有生一天), and described a different kind of love called watching for your happiness. With Janice Vidal's (衛蘭) joining in for an English interlude, the song brought its audience a mixed feeling of sadness and ethereal.

The lyrics of the song narrated the singer's experience of learning the true meaning of love after he was separated from his girlfriend. He realized love did not have to be together, nor did it have to be from both sides. The more he loved her, the more distance he could endure to keep away from her. Even though they couldn't be a couple in life, he could deliver his love by secretly protecting her by the side.

The music video carried on the setting of "One Day", and replayed a day trip Pakho and his girlfriend spent in the forest while she was healthy and alive. The heroine lost her way back while taking pictures, but they finally found each other after overcoming all difficulties. On the other hand, the MV blended in scenes of an old couple, in which they were forced to be apart due to the husband's sickness. This hinted the heroine eventually lost her life, echoing the story of Pakho's previous single.

It is cruel to separate the loved ones apart, but a true love can't be taken away by death; rather, it keeps you close even between different worlds. Wishing your lover well is another way to deliver your love, because you both would know that you each have a soft spot in heart for the other.

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