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  • Panoroma Panama Town (パノラマパナマタウン)
  • 4 members: Sota Iwabuchi (岩渕想太) Vocal & Guitar, Kohei Namikoshi (浪越康平) Guitar, Akihiko Tano (田野明彦) Bass, Tamura Yuki (田村夢希) Drums.
  • The band entered to the music scene in 2015
  • They made their major debut in 2018 from A-Sketch.
  • Record Label: A-Sketch
  • Previous Albums: ‘SHINKAICHI’, ‘PROPOSE’, and ‘Hello Chaos!!!!’.
  • Previous Videos: Liberty Liberty (リバティーリバティー), Scraper (フカンショウ)
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Panoroma Panama Town’s new single ‘Rapture’ is included in their debut mini album...
  • Albums
  • Album  ·  January 17, 2017
  1. Panoroma Panama Town’s Theme (パノラマパナマタウンのテーマ)
  2. Fuka N Show (フカンショウ )
  3. Magical Chemical (マジカルケミカル)
  4. Rapture (ラプチャー)
  5. Machi No Akari (街のあかり)
  6. Role Playing (ロールプレイング)
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