• Title: Rapture (ラプチャー)
  • Artist: Panoroma Panama Town
  • Runtime: 5:24   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 5, 2018

Panoroma Panama Town’s new single ‘Rapture’ is included in their debut mini album ‘PANORAMADDICTION’ along with songs including ‘Panoroma Panama Town’s Theme’ and ‘Role Playing’. ‘Rapture’, written and composed by group member Sota Iwabuchi, talks about people’s struggles in life and is chosen as a theme song for anime ‘Juni Taisen: Zodiac War’ (十二大戦).

The lyrics focus on portraying the significance of a ‘Light of Rapture’, a recurring theme throughout the song. As a symbolism for hope in life, the ‘Light of Rapture’ is found in the first shades of light in the morning, the newly-gained independence from parents, and the promises made to others. The line ‘You will not die as you live’ is repeated multiple times in the song, giving both the protagonist and the audience courage to face obstacles in life.

The mucis video starts with members of the band playing the music in a dimly-lit room, with fog-like substance flowing around the members in the spotlights that illuminate them. The following scenes maintain this dark and opaque environment to convey a heavy mood. The imagery of lighted matches further shed light on how the rapture, although a sign of suffering and distress, in turn leads us to the light of hope shining behind it.

Panoroma Panama Town will be going on the ‘HEAT ADDICTION TOUR’ this year starting from the 4th of February, touring in Tokyo on the 26th of April.

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