• Bio
  • Park Hyo-shin (박효신)
  • Born in South Korea on December 1st, 1981 (Saggittarius)
  • Debuted on December 30, 1999 with the first album "Things I Cannot Do For You" and along with lead song, "Fool"
  • Genres: K-pop, R&B, Ballad
  • Record Label: Jellyfish Entertainment, Glove Entertainment (present)
  • Popular songs are Breath, Snow Flower and Good Person
  • Musicals: The Phantom (as Erik), Mozart! (as Mozart), Elisabeth (as Tod), Rock Hamlet (as Hamlet)
  • Albums: Gift Part 1 & 2, The Breeze of Sea, Soul Tree, Time-Honored Voice
  • Due to his introverted personality, Park Hyo-shin hardly ever appears on TV or radio and prefers to stay at home as he doesn’t like to go outside.
  • He is considered as being one of the best Korean singers because of his singing style and being known for the top 4 singers in Korea whom Koreans call "Kim Na Park Lee" , along with Kim Bum Soo, Naul, Park Hyo Shin and Lee Soo.
  • Videos
Listen to Park Hyo Shin’s powerful recently released song "Beautiful Tomorrow" which is part of his seventh...
  • Albums
  • I Am a Dreamer
  • Album  ·  October 3, 2016
  1. Home
  2. Shine Your Light
  3. Wonderland
  4. Beautiful Tomorrow
  5. The Dreamer (I Am a Dreamer)
  6. Wild Flower (야생화 )
  7. Happy Together
  8. Li-La
  9. Breath (숨)
  10. I'm Your Friend
  11. Dream (꿈)
  12. Breath (숨) - Instrumental
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