• Title: PlayGround
  • Artist: PASSPO☆
  • Runtime: 4:24   Language: Japanese
  • Date: January 29, 2017

"PlayGround" is one of the tracks from PASSPO☆'s mini-album, "Cinema Trip," coming out on February 15. In this song, PASSPO☆ invites us to their secret playground, where everyone has fun and the party lasts all night -- even if everyone partying is a bit of a monster (and maybe even smells a little like rotting). "PlayGround" has a rock tune and it is a great addition to the ever-continuing tradition of undead/monster dance songs. PASSPO☆'s usual synchronicity and energy are ever-present, somehow channeled entirely through the stereotypically stiff-armed, floppy-jointed mannerisms of zombies.

Each girl's flight attendant uniform has a large colored ribbon with "cinema ticket" printed on it attached to the skirt and a bow of the same color on the right glove, each ribbon and bow colored to match that girl's designated color within the group. The PASSPO☆ Utatte Odotte Kanaderu Tour begins January 22nd, 2017 and ends with a show in Tokyo on April 1st. The tour will be making stops at various locations throughout Japan.

Watch PASSPO☆ - PlayGround - Dance Ver.
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