• Title: Gorilla
  • Artist: Pentagon
  • Runtime: 3:35   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 23, 2016

There’s a new boyband in town! PENTAGON has officially debuted with the release of “Gorilla”s MV. It’s the lead single from their first mini-album Pentagon, which includes 6 other songs. With 10 members, it’s Cube Entertainment’s biggest group, but all boys have enough screen time in the MV.

The MV doesn’t follow a plot, but there are many aesthetic shots. The switches between dark, colorful, and white scenes show the versatility of the group’s style. They go from robotic students to boys in leather jackets. The scenes show the boys running around during the emergency alarm sounds and the cuts review some of their facial expression also reflect the complicated feelings from loving someone — kind of dangerous and hard to control. Their sharp dance moves match the song’s funky and strong beat. Vocals are on point and the rapping has a unique feel too.

Overall, it’s a simple and catchy tune that will definitely catch the attention of many new fans. The lyrics say that the girl is making their heart beat and they want to beat their chest. But really, PENTAGON will make your heart beat and we’re all falling for them.

Watch PENTAGON - Gorilla - Debut Showcase
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