• Title: Like This
  • Artist: Pentagon
  • Runtime: 3:54   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 17, 2017

Next-generation idol group ‘Pentagon’ is back with their 4th mini album, DEMO_01, with the track “Like This”. The song is written by Pentagon’s leader, Hui, who also wrote Wanna One’s songs “Never” and “Energetic”. “Like This” is packed with an abundant sound and a dynamic melody with a soft-EDM base, paired with adventurous lyrics, making the song stand out.

In the lyrics of the song “Like This”, Pentagon tells us about a certain feeling of unfamiliarity. The kind that makes one feel unfamiliar even to oneself. They sing about how tiresome it is to go through cycles of ordeals and meaningless fights. Wanting to hide it from others, they try to embrace the foolish, trivial things however heartbreaking it felt. But just like how the wonderful things in the world that give us hope, they put their faith on a special someone, one they hope could wait for their real selves. Because of that faith and hope, the lyrics tells us that Pentagon is ready to get back up after many other trials. As they continue to strive to get past the tests of time, they’ll keep on running.

They’ll continue to run through trials, just “like this”, and they proceed to show us how they powerfully mimicked a running motion into their choreography in the music video. The video and the song carries such a brilliant message of hope and perseverance, of living life without regrets. “Like This” is an enjoyable jam that inspires the heart.

Watch Like This @Mini Concert-TENTASTIC Vol.3
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