• Bio
  • Perfume (パフューム)
  • 3 members - Stage names: Kashiyuka, A~chan, and Nocchi.
  • Kashiyuka's real name is Yuka Kashino, A~chan's real name is Ayaka Nishikawa, and Nocchi's real name is Ayano Omoto.
  • Perfume was formed in 2000 by Kashiyuka, A~chan, and a third girl named Yuka Kawashima (stage name: Kawayuka). All three girls were students at the Actors School Hiroshima. Kawayuka left Perfume before the group's official debut, after which Nocchi joined. Perfume's first several singles were available only in Hiroshima. In 2003, Perfume graduated from the Actors School Hiroshima and moved to Tokyo, where Yasutaka Nakata became their producer.
  • Genre: pop, techno, dance-pop.
  • Record labels: Momiji Label, Bee-hive Records, Tokuma Japan, Perfume Records/Universal J.
  • Albums: Game, Triangle, JPN, Level3, Cosmic Explorer
  • Popular songs: Perfume's song "Mirai no Museum" is the theme song for the animated film "Nobita no Himitsu Dougu Museum" (part of the popular "Doraemon" series of animated movies and shows). "Sweet Refrain", "STAR TRAIN", "Pick Me Up"
  • Perfume's name was chosen because all three founding members had a character meaning "scent" or "fragrance" (香) in their names.
  • Videos
Perfume’s new single ‘Mugen Mirai’ (Infinite Future), written and composed by Yasutaka Nakata, is included in...
If You Wanna by Perfume is the title track of their 24th single, of the same name. It is also being used as the advertisement...
“TOKYO GIRL” is the newest single from Perfume and it has been featured on the popular TV series “Tokyo...
"FLASH" is one track of Perfume's newest album, "Cosmic Explorer." "FLASH" is featured in the...
  • Albums
  • Mugen Mirai (無限未来)
  • Single  ·  March 14, 2018
  1. Mugen Mirai (無限未来)
  3. Mugen Mirai (無限未来) Inst.
  • If You Wanna
  • Single  ·  August 30, 2017
  1. If You Wanna
  2. Everyday
  3. If You Wanna - Inst.
  4. Everyday - Inst.
  • Single  ·  February 15, 2017
  2. HOUSEKI NO AME (宝石の雨)
  3. TOKYO GIRL - Instrumental
  4. HOUSEKI NO AME (宝石の雨) - Instrumental
  • Cosmic Explorer
  • Album  ·  April 6, 2016
  1. Navigate
  2. Cosmic Explorer
  3. Miracle Worker
  4. Next Stage With You
  5. STORY
  6. FLASH (Album-mix)
  7. Sweet Refrain (Album-mix)
  8. Baby Face
  9. TOKIMEKI LIGHTS (Album-mix)
  10. STAR TRAIN (Album-mix)
  11. Relax In The City
  12. Pick Me Up
  13. Cling Cling (Album-mix)
  14. Hold Your Hand
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