• Title: If You Wanna
  • Artist: Perfume
  • Runtime: 2:57   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 17, 2017

If You Wanna by Perfume is the title track of their 24th single, of the same name. It is also being used as the advertisement theme track to promote Sunstar’s Ora2 line of oral and body care products.

As such, the main lyrics, drawing from the title, repeatedly question “If you wanna kiss me” and discuss how the girls want to remain beautiful and good looking, just in case someone might want to kiss them, subtly raising the necessity of such skin care agents. This thus aligns with the advertisement of the products they are promoting.

On a visual level, the video starts out appearing to be something out of a science fiction dystopia, with a futuristic-looking night city skyline, but where its inhabitants are dressed in monochrome grey shades with no vibrancy of color, initially appearing to be trapped in suspended animation. The use of pixel display screens to project psychedelic color patterns in the background while they dance also further reinforces the technology-centric nature of this future city, where it is integrated into all environments

And yet, the advertisement campaign takes full advantage of this jarring image to make the suggestion that even in such a future, humans long for physical contact, such as kisses, hinting at an almost timeless need for oral and body care products like Sunstar’s, making it an interesting advertisement effort on the whole.

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