• Title: Mugen Mirai (無限未来)
  • Artist: Perfume
  • Runtime: 4:03   Language: Japanese
  • Date: April 14, 2018

Perfume’s new single ‘Mugen Mirai’ (Infinite Future), written and composed by Yasutaka Nakata, is included in their ‘Chihayafuru’ album. The song is chosen as the theme song of movie ‘Chihayafuru’.

The lyrics include a considerable amount of English phrases, telling a story in a lively and carefree tone. The references to imageries of stars, light and the natural environment also adds to the bouncy rhythm of the song, together creating a magical atmosphere, bringing the audience to a wonderland.

The visuals take the reference to natural environments to another level by having the girls dance in a grassland, near a lake, and in the desert. The special effect with white cubes floating in mid air incorporates itself seamlessly within the story telling, symbolizing an abstract concept that deserves attention - the infinite nature of the future. On the other hand, the choreography reinforces the carefree attitude of the girls, who fully embrace the infinite possibilities brought by their future.

The song encourages us to take a positive attitude toward life by reminding us of the wonders of having a future filled with hopes of countless possibilities.

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