• Title: Zombie Boy (ゾンビーボーイ)
  • Artist: PIGGY BANKS
  • Runtime: 3:44   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 1, 2016

"Zombie Boy" is one of the singles on PIGGY BANKS first full album, which came out April 6th, 2016. They are scheduled to be on an album release tour, called the "Jikan Dorobou Tour," from April through June 2016. The tour is domestic and includes performances in many cities of Japan before finishing with a show in Shibuya, Tokyo on June 4th.

The MV for "Zombie Boy" features the three bandmates tethered to a stone by their ankles and surrounded by a mass of zombies. However, the zombies seem to come under their control, and eventually begin to dance with them. In the lyrics, PIGGY BANKS vocalist Yoko sings about how her boyfriend is not a typical guy (because he is kind of dead), and that she wants to become a zombie girl, too.

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