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  • 4 members - vocalist/guitarist Shizuku, guitarist Harushi Ejima, bassist Yuki Uemura, and drummer Kazuma Mitsuyasu.
  • POLKADOT STINGRAY formed in 2014. At the time, the group comprised of Shizuku, Mitsuyasu, and a guitarist named Muro. Later that year, Uemura joined the group. In 2015, Muro left POLKADOT STINGRAY, and Ejima joined.
  • In 2017, the group had their major debut and released their first full album.
  • Genre: rock.
  • Record Label: Universal Music.
  • Albums: DAI SEIGI
  • Popular Songs: Electric Public (エレクトリック・パブリック), Telecaster Stripe (テレキャスター・ストライプ)
  • In 2016, POLKADOT STINGRAY was featured in an Android commercial, performing a song about Google Photo.
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"REM" is one of the tracks from POLKADOT STINGRAY's first full album, "Zenchi Zenno" (全知全能)....
  • Albums
  • Zenchi Zenno (全知全能)
  • Album  ·  November 8, 2017
  1. Telecaster Stripe (テレキャスター・ストライプ) (Zenchi Zenno ver.)
  2. BLUE
  3. The Mermaid (人魚) (Zenchi Zenno ver.)
  4. Furemingu (フレミング)
  5. Electric Public (エレクトリック・パブリック) (Zenchi Zenno ver.)
  6. Surrender (サレンダー)
  7. Before Daylight (夜明けのオレンジ) (Zenchi Zenno ver.)
  8. I Don't Remember At All (顔も覚えてない)
  9. Jet Lag (ジェット・ラグ)
  10. Synchronisica (シンクロニシカ) (Zenchi Zenno ver.)
  11. Gokurakuto (極楽灯)
  12. Short Short Story (ショートショート)
  13. REM (レム)
  14. Polkadot Stingray (ポルカドット・スティングレイ) (Zenchi Zenno ver.)
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