• Title: REM (レム)
  • Runtime: 5:28   Language: Japanese
  • Date: November 13, 2017

"REM" is one of the tracks from POLKADOT STINGRAY's first full album, "Zenchi Zenno" (全知全能). The music video for "REM" is also an advertisement for a particular type of Suntory bottled water. The lyrics for "REM" are somewhat non sequitur but still paint an endearing picture of remembrance of lost love mixed with a future of new growth, symbolized by blooming flowers and universe.

The MV for "REM", directed by Toshi Atsunori (東市 篤憲) and Kato Misato (かとうみさと), features the band members battling one another using various methods of cooling off (a blow-dryer, a stand fan, and a wind chime), all trying to attain a superior method of cooling off -- Suntory bottled water. At the end of the video, the group sits down together, commenting on how tired they are from filming; and discovers that there is only one bottle of Suntory water to drink. It's definitely a simple but effective way to promote the product.

POLKADOT STINGRAY's 2018 TOUR Zenchi Zenno begins February 4th, 2018, and ends on March 24th, 2018. The tour will feature stops in a variety of locations throughout Japan. If you are a fan and will be in Japan during that period then don't miss the chance.

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