• Title: Kindan no Masquerade (禁断のマスカレード)
  • Artist: predia
  • Runtime: 5:07   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 23, 2016

"Kindan no Masquerade" (Forbidden Masquerade) is the newest single from all-female group predia. With this song, predia continues to express their unique brand: an older, sexier version of the chipper, teenage girl-groups ubiquitous in Japanese popular music. The video for "Kindan no Masquerade" combines the dance format common to the genre with artful images of honey and fruits that border on racy, mixing the flashy upbeatness of many large jpop groups with unusual threads of maturity.

"Kindan no Masquerade" is not about pure young love, or deep and sincere romance -- it is about love and passion in a moment -- overwhelming, sensual, and at times, painful. The imagery conjured by the lyrics is not of pretty sunsets, but of thorny roses, secret rooms and bare skin. predia's costuming, too, is a blending of the usual and the unusual; with leathery modern dresses that also incorporate traditional Japanese prints and kimono-esque collars. Even putting all of that aside, predia's strong vocals and harmony of motion make them a stand-out act.

predia holds the final performance of their 6th Anniversary tour in Tokyo, Japan on December 27th, 2016.

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