• Title: Wee Woo
  • Artist: PRISTIN
  • Runtime: 3:15   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 26, 2017

PRISTIN debuts with their first lead single, a catchy, upbeat tune called Wee Woo, from the mini album Hi! Pristin. Lyrics were written by Sungyeon, BUMZU, Bae Soojung, Gustav Karlstrom. Sungyeon and BUMZU also collaborated on composition, along with Lee Kiyoung and Park Kitae.

In the song, they’re describing the frantic feeling of a heart that’s pounding when they see the guy they like. The PRISTIN girls sing “wee woo”, implying the need for an ambulance to help the dangerous condition that their hearts are in. While there are many guys who like them, their hearts are set on the one and only guy who makes them dizzy and crazy. They sing out to the moon and stars and sun, in the hopes of casting a spell that will let them have the guy they like.

The music video opens as live breaking news, with PRISTIN on the crime scene, dancing while surrounded by police cars and an ambulance. As the girls sing, the scenes change to tie in with the theme of the song, including how they call an ambulance from a payphone, and how they gather together to cast a spell to get the guy.

Keep your eyes out for PRISTIN. With their fun and bubbly debut, they’re sure to bring lots more songs that we’ll love. Don’t forget to check out the other five songs on the Hi! Pristin mini album!

Watch PRISTIN - Wee Woo - Dance Practice
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