• Title: New Face
  • Artist: PSY
  • Runtime: 3:21   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 28, 2017

In need of a fun new beat to dance along to? PSY is at it again with the catchy single New Face from his new album 4X2=8. The song is a creation by PSY himself, who both wrote and composed the song, along with Yoo Gun-hyung, who assisted on composition, and had also previously collaborated with PSY on the worldwide hit Gangnam Style.

The lyrics describe the curiosity and excitement of meeting someone new. PSY sings about the way his heart pounds and flutters at the sight of a woman he’s just met for the first time. He is eager to discover if they’ll have a special connection, he wants to get to know this “new face”.

New Face’s music video brings a familiar face to our screens. Son Naeun, who we know from Apink and Cinderella and Four Knights, plays the lead female role. She arrives at a fancy hotel, where PSY appears to be trying to woo her. Glamor and opulence set the tone for the video, where PSY’s signature style of choreography shines.

PSY’s “New Face” is bound to be an essential party tune! Be sure to check out the rest of his album, which features a variety of collaborations. There’s the more mellow Last Scene with Lee Sung-kyun, and another dancey song, LOVE with Big Bang’s Taeyang.

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