• Title: Worthless Memories (拿個回憶做什麼)
  • Artist: Qiu Feng Ze
  • Runtime: 4:25   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 11, 2016

Why let sad memories influence your life now? In Kenny Khoo's (邱鋒澤) Worthless Memories (拿個回憶做什麼), he took the position that memories are worthless and one is responsible for his own happiness. This song was written and composed by Kenny Khoo himself, and was included in his album Is Anyone Out There (有人在嗎).

The lyrics carried out Kenny's point with strong and clear statements, emphasized the happiness cannot be given by anyone else, and the future should not depend on the past memories. It stated that memories are worthless if the love has gone and the person is no longer there, and concluded with the declaration that Kenny would be the survivor of love to find his own way and live for himself.

The music video took place in an abandoned building to create a decadent environment, implying the mentality living in the past memories. Within the scene, Kenny was chased by a group of armed companions, who symbolized the past as enemies. Kenny couldn't stop running because of the chase. Even though he got caught and chained up, he grew stronger and did not lose hope, he realized continuous escaping could only lead to a more miserable life. Therefore, just as described in the song, he stood up and fight back, eventually won the battle. As all the past memories were left behind like the armed enemies, Kenny was ready to start fresh and to move on.

It is true that the past memories can greatly affect our emotions. However, as Kenny suggested, the future does not have to rely on the past, and you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness and life. Once you embrace it, you too can be a survivor from love and live for yourself.

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