• Bio
  • Queen Wei (魏如昀 Wei Ru Yun)
  • Born on March 19, 1984 (Pisces) in Hualien County in Taiwan
  • She is the younger sister to Taiwanese singer Waa Wei (魏如萱)
  • Plays the piano and guitar, she is also a singer-songwriter
  • Speaks English and Mandarin
  • Current label: Dongin Music (2016 - Present); Asia Muse (2011-2012)
  • Launched her official music career in 2008 with Universal Music as she joined the second season of the Taiwanese music competition One Million Star in 2007.
  • Albums: "Foolish"(傻), "Queen's Way"
  • Popular hits: "Rhythm of the Rain" (聽見下雨的聲音)
  • Filmography: "Rhythm of the Rain" (聽見下雨的聲音), "Be With Me" (舞吧舞吧在一起)
  • Awards & Achievements: 8th place in Season 2 of One Million Star, KKBox Music Awards Best Movie Soundtrack "Rhythm of the Rain"
  • Videos
As the second song of Queen Wei's 2016 new album, Queen's Way, O (偶) is a narrative that unfolds an honest process of...
  • Albums
  • Queen's Way (所謂如昀)
  • Album  ·  April 13, 2016
  1. Wood (木)
  2. O (偶)
  3. Everyday (每天)
  4. Bubble Dream
  5. Autumn Story (秋鄉)
  6. Unscientific Apartment (不科學公寓)
  7. Forever (永遠永遠)
  8. So? (所以咧)
  9. We Don't Say Goodbye (不說再見)
  10. First Love (初戀)
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